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Trach care

Tracheostomy Care

If you have a tracheostomy, taking care of the device is essential to preventing infection and reducing your risk of complications. Tracheostomy care is one of many services provided by
pulmonologist Muhammad Raza, MD, and his team at Arizona Chest & Sleep Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona. When you’re ready to book a visit, options include a quick phone call or a few moments online.  

Tracheostomy Care Q & A

What is a tracheostomy?

A tracheostomy is an incision that creates an opening in your trachea, the structure that allows you to move air in and out of your lungs. Creating this opening helps you breathe by creating a new pathway. 

Some of the reasons you might need a tracheostomy include:

  • Mouth or throat obstruction
  • Airway reconstruction after surgery
  • Airflow improvement after an injury or edema (swelling)
  • Protection from food particles if you have swallowing problems

A common reason to have a tracheostomy placed is to prepare for long-term ventilator use. The process involves placing a piece of tubing (cannula) into the opening in the front of your neck.  

What is tracheostomy care?

Tracheostomy care involves keeping the area clean where your tracheostomy tube enters your body. The tubing used in a tracheostomy secures to a flat piece called a flange, which rests over the surface of the stoma, which is the opening created in your neck. 

Some systems include an inner cannula that may or may not be disposable. Special ties secure to this flange and extend around your neck to hold the device in place. 

Some of the steps performed during tracheostomy care include:

  • Suctioning the tube to remove any obstruction
  • Removing, cleaning, and reinserting the inner cannula (when present)
  • Checking for tenderness, swelling, or redness
  • Cleaning the exposed areas of the outer cannula
  • Cleaning and drying your skin
  • Changing out the trach tube ties

Having a professional perform these routines helps reduce your risk of infection. 

What can I do at home to perform tracheostomy care?

There are steps you can take to help prevent problems. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching any part of your neck or tracheostomy device. 

Don’t use a trach cover (which closes the opening to your tracheostomy tube to prevent foreign objects or debris from entering) unless your doctor advises such use. Keep the tracheostomy equipment clean in between professional tracheostomy care visits. 

Your mouth contains a mix of germs, some of which can potentially be dangerous. Routine brushing and flossing help keep bacteria in check and reduce the risk of infection.

You should also take deep breaths frequently and cough multiple times each hour. This helps keep the tracheostomy tube clear and allows you to breathe easier. 

If you’d like to learn more about professional tracheostomy care, book a visit at Arizona Chest & Sleep Medicine online or by phone.  

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